KonnectSmart Highlights
SaaS Based ModelSaaS Based Model
Product gives increased Scalability & anytime anywhere Accessibility with affordable Costs, Have lower learning curves and higher adoption rates.
Bus RouterBus Router
Leap towards student Safety and Accessibility of Bus on the move with integrated Bus Router and breaking barriers of conventional methods
Admission Manager
Streamlining every admission function

Highly resourceful, Admission Manager helps streamlining every admission function. It permits both online and over-the-counter filing of applications. You can shortlist eligible candidates easily and quickly through the Admission Manager. A single click of mouse allows you to create and send status reports through SMS or e-mails. At the same time, it allows you generate student K-Cards (smart id cards) and customized reports. Through this comprehensive Admission Manager, we are simplifying the most complex task of random or selective admission.

  1. Allows Pre-admission Scrutiny
    Pre-admission tool allows you to shortlist and filter the right candidates according your criteria before admissions.

  2. Online Admission Application
    Students can fill online admission application through K-Enroller provided in KonnectSmart, if you want it can also list your schools on K-Network (KonnectSmart's network of public portals), which allows you to attract admissions through it.

  3. Alerts and Notifications
    Send admission dates to the students and parents in form of SMS alerts and e-mail notifications through K-Alerter.

  4. Direct Admission
    KonnectSmart has been programmed to auto-promote and re-admit old eligible students of the school rather than creating a new admission record of the student every year.

  5. Enrollment in Class and Section
    Auto-Enrollment feature of KonnectSmart automatically assigns roll numbers and sections to the students according to your specified criteria, hence freeing you from the tedious task of assigning roll numbers manually.

  6. ID Card Issuance
    KonnectSmart auto generates the K-Cards (smart id cards) to the students once enrolled, this card acts as a multi-purpose that doubles up as a library card, bus card and can also be used for attendance tracking.

  7. Admission Reports
    You can generate detailed admission reports containing details like number of applicants, conversion rate, no of seats available and no of students enrolled.